Friday, April 20, 2012

How Things Become Real

I got the cover for Absolution yesterday. The artist, Timothy Lantz posted it on his website.

The novel became real in a way that it had not been before. There is no denying now that on May 1st, the novel will be published.

I learned to drive when I was 19. It was during my first tour in the Army, while deployed to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The vehicle was an M548A2, and had tracks instead of tires and two levers instead of a steering wheel. It was stressful since instead of a nice, paved road, I got dangerous trails with landmines on either side. Before then, I had been scared to death to learn to drive. It didn't seem real though I always imaged what it would be like to control a vehicle.

There was a similar feeling in my gut prior to getting that cover and then having someone else talk about the book. It's a little scary.

But, like learning to drive that military vehicle, I just have to look ahead and stay clear of the landmines.