Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's Warm Here

It was warm here today, but later on clouds settled and there was gloom. At least it was cooler. The day passed with a surreal haze. It was probably because I went to sleep at 3 in the morning. My eyes were heavy and the 70+ degree weather didn't help. It was an interesting drive to my favorite Starbucks!

I don't usually stay up so late, but I had to format the final version of Absolution to upload on Smashwords. Technology is wonderful, but in a nervous way; every mistake is a huge one. Their style guide was very helpful, but after midnight the words became jumbled. But the file is ready. The cover is ready. And better still, I can use that same Word doc to upload onto Kindle's Direct Publishing page.

A woman from Canada read two of my short stories today and rated them. She gave them 3 stars each and I didn't know how to feel about that. I sent her a thank-you note. Should I have done that? It seems like too much now. She didn't write back.

But this was the first person who, out of the blue, decided to read my work. It's special and nerve-racking (and nerve-wracking). At some point, writers must become numb. It's the only way to deal with ratings; more so if the ratings are 2 stars and below.

The laptop is really warm. I'm sweating as I write this. My stomach itches. Did I write those stories for ratings? I'm glad she gave it 3 stars. It means she enjoyed them. I don't know. But it IS warm here.