Monday, April 16, 2012

On Short Stories

My friend Elizabeth posted not long ago how the market for short stories is non-existent. Who wants to pay $0.99 cents for a bite of fiction? I don't think I would, not unless it was part of a collection.

My response to that problem is to give short stories away. You pay nothing if you read them on I already have one on there and a total of 0.0000 people have downloaded it. I don't anticipate anyone reading the stories I will post before May 1st (the publication date of Absolution).

However, once the virtual blog tour I booked with Dark Mind Book Tours gets underway, I imagine that there will be a little curiosity about my work.

So, the stories are yours. Please don't take credit for them (though that would flatter me). If you enjoy them, I hope you will try my novel.


PS: I love my new blog design. Thanks miss Silvia.