Monday, May 7, 2012

Los Links!

I still remember that Microsoft commercial advertising the Bing service. It had a mock Mexican soap opera where the bad guy used Google to find a restaurant. Alas! He failed and the gallant macho man entered the scene (mounted on a horse no less), found the necessary information on Bing, and stole the bad guy's women.

I don't know what the fuss was about. Bing has links too.

And speaking of links... You may or may not have noticed that this website changed a little. If you look at the right hand side of your screen there is a place where it says "Buy My Books." Don't see it? Just brush the cobwebs from the screen or dust it or remove the sticky notes (I know it's a good place to put them); I promise you it's there.

Now is a good time to discover it. I added more links to it. :-)

There is a link to Amazon and a link to where you can buy the paperback and even a link to Smashwords since they carry every ebook format (and when they get their heads out of their asses they'll distribute them to Barnes and Noble and the iBookstore!). Oh, and if you see the Amazon link but not the others, just let the mouse wander just below that first link. They're there, but they're a tad shy.

So, try them. Amuse yourself with clicking those silly links. Some of you are at work and looking for something to do (I know your habits!) Make you and me happy.



Apparently this was a day of links! I befriended several writers on Facebook and after they accepted my humble invitation, they greeted me with...links to their books! WTF and LOL. This is no joke. It really made me laugh to see them do that.

Unfortunately, I had to modify one of the links up top before it had time to mature. The link to Createspace, which sells my paperback is kaput.

Guilt. Guilt. Guilt. Ever since I posted about the price of the paperback ($12.00), the stink of guilt was about me. No one should have to pay that much for a paperback. Bartholomew, who you've come to know as the sum of my friends and co-workers, brought this to my attention too. He's a cheap bastard, but this time he had a point. And because I like to bend over backwards for my--cough--readers, I went back and changed the 392 pages of the old paperback to 274. It was no easy feat since it meant I had to reformat that thing again. Yikes! Oh, how my fingers ache!

At least this will allow me to set the price at $8.99 per paperback. Not bad, eh?

Sadly, it won't be available yet since I have to redo the cover to fit a thinner book and then wait for the Createspace people to review it before they mail me another proof.  And then some of you will buy it and admire it and its flaws. It surely has flaws. But each flaw is proof that I slaved over the damn thing for hours and hours.