Friday, May 11, 2012

My Busy Week...

Here at Long Beach State University, things are getting very stressful. The semester is at an end. It's time to dust off the textbooks for final examinations. Beer must disappear if only momentarily. Coffee pots stir to life. The routine is monotone. But not in all places. Take a look at this new sign posted at the entrance to our library:

I know what you are thinking. What a sorry state you must be in if you have to bring your living room set to the library for a study session. But stress does funny things to you. My stress level has been very low lately. The main sources of stress for me are all but handled. Now there is time to get back to that Vampire novel that keeps giving me reason to like Vampires again. It's time to reclaim my pantoufles from the dog.Tuesday I shall be free, as far as school goes anyhow.

As you may or may not know, my novel is only available on Amazon and Smashwords. No Barnes and Noble and no Createspace. Ugh...

I hope to fix this situation this coming week. Smashwords finally accepted Absolution into their Premium Catalogue, which means that soon it will be available on the iBookstore, Barnes and Noble, etc. Next week I will approve the second Proof from Createspace and have my novel on their website once and for the price of $8.99. Again, the price will remain at $2.99 until the beginning of the book tour on the 28th, which is Memorial Day. What a day to start a tour! On that day, I will lower the price to $0.99.

Of course, if you want to make my day, help yourself to it. I know, maybe you don't have a Kindle. It's okay. I can wait with you.