Monday, May 14, 2012

My Summer Goals

Lately, I've had much time to consider my goals for this summer. Of course, I have to write the second installment of the Elohim Trilogy, but that's not all I want to do.

I have a previous commitment to revise a different novel, titled The Quantum of the Past. I will post things I like about it in the "Chasing the Coyote" page of this blog. That will take me a couple of months to do. I should be done by the middle of July.

Once that is complete, I will move on to the Elohim Trilogy book 2, Ascension. Drafting the novel will take me about a month and a half. This doesn't mean it will be ready then. I meant it when I said it would be ready for publishing in 2013 (and here we are in May 2012). I will explain why in a post that deals with the differences and similarities of these three terms: Revising, Editing, and Copyediting.

Before the end of summer, I have smaller projects to tackle. These are short stories, a novelette, and an outline for a different novel. All while reading. Reading is essential to my research, but probably the most painful aspect of it. You don't wanna know what I have to read this summer...

So, these are my humble goals. I hope to accomplish them in a timely manner. Keep in mind this assumes that everything else will remain constant. But things change so rarely, that's not a worry. Yeah, right!