Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My writing habits...

My friend Anna recently posted on her blog about her writing habits. Being the parrot that I am, I decided to do the same here!

The first thing I do is find the noisiest place I can. My stomach makes these horrible noises when there is complete silence and only in complete silence; this makes it impossible to write in a library. I'm not the type of person who can write at home (except on rare occasions when, after a day of writing, I just HAVE to get something else on epaper). The idea of waking up extra early is also bothersome to me; I'm too clumsy in the morning and just stunned from being awake. So I never write before leaving home.

The place of choice for me is a Starbucks or a crowded cafeteria or even that lobby they have in the library I work in. Long Beach State has a variety of places for me to sit down and write. So, finding a noisy place is never a problem. As for silence, I like to think I carry the silence with me wherever I go. This is something that takes a while to achieve; our culture moves by so fast it doesn't understand inner peace.

I carry my writer's bag sometimes, but most of the time I need my laptop and story-notebook and my gel pens. My ipod also goes with me because I need music. When I'm very lucky, the story I'm working on has its unique  song. I have a song for Absolution, Ascension, and the third book in the Elohim Trilogy.

The actual writing takes place in the first half of the day when I'm off. I am not a word-count person. Always, I write a chapter or a sequenc--on a good day (one to three chapters); it's impossible for me to leave something half written. To preserve my hands and keep carpal tunnel away, I try to write only once per day unless the holy spirit has me and then I can't help it.

Another rule is I never write anything fresh when I work mornings or afternoons in the library. On those days I go over whatever I wrote on my off time, tightening things or expanding.

And yes, there must be coffee. If I write something in the afternoon, I drink Red Bull.

Last, if I were a word-count man, I would say I tackle about 2000 words per writing session on average or about ten pages.


For my blogging, my writing habits are slightly different. Each blog is roughly a couple of pages long. I write them out and leave them alone for a few hours, then return to them to see what I've written. Sometimes, I take a while longer. I can draft these at home or wherever (usually at night).

The time of day is important sometimes because it may be a post about what happened that day. If it's something that bothers me a bit, then I write it out and then look at it for a while. Staring at things helps or I might go out and not think about the post.

In my experience writing, magic happens when you are not thinking about your projects.


PS: I just got the second proof from Createspace. The novel thickness looks good and the cream paper is easier for me to look at. The line spacing and font size are also nice. There is one problem though. See if you can spot it:

"Book One of The Elohim Trilog"

What's a "Trilog"? Arrrrrgghhhh!!!

So, I went back to the PDF of the cover and saw the error and fixed it. For the lack one "y", an entire process is slowed! I will have to wait here and approve the proof. That was the only thing wrong with it.