Friday, May 4, 2012


Not everyone owns a Kindle or iPad or Nook. For them, I created a paperback edition of Absolution. I just need to approve the proof Createspace sent me today.

1) I didn't like the white paper and will most likely change it to cream.
2) I love the way the cover looks.
3) The font and line spacing is maybe larger than I wanted, but it doesn't look like Large Print.
4) I don't like the price.

Unfortunately, this will cost $12.00 to purchase (plus shipping and handling or maybe not if you go through Amazon); if I had gone with, the price would be much more. If you don't want a paperback, but don't own any of the ereaders I mentioned above, there is also a PDF version on sale at Smashwords (or you can get the free Kindle and Nook apps for Mac and PC). But, if you don't mind sparing a few dollars more for a starving artist...

I'll say this: There were butterflies in my stomach when I held that paperback. It's so frail. I looked through the pages wondering how many mistakes I would catch. No silliness now. I love this proof and its flaws.