Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Smells Like...

Hello, Hello, Hello, How Low...
Hello, Hello, Hello, How Low...
Hello, Hello, Hello, How Low...

I recently discovered Kurt Cobain thanks to that new Family Guy episode. Cobain breaks down like this: Lead singer for the band Nirvana; married to Courtney Love among others; and, ah, he killed himself with a shot-gun while still relatively young. That's what your life amounts to in the end, three sentences.

From what I've read so far, I can tell he had died a little each day until he finally put himself down. Listening to his music, that voice of his, you can taste the pain and anger on your tongue like that metallic taste that blood leaves behind.

His early life has so much in common with my own it's difficult not to identify with the man. What finally crushed him--or finished crushing him--was fame. He was not ready for what Smells Like Teen Spirit became. I'm listening to it now and I have to admit there is a sort of harmony that goes beyond what the lyrics mean. It is the introvert as a melody.

He looked into anarchy and revolution and tried to bring that into his music. Why? I'm reminded of the song, El Sombrero Azul. It is a song created by rebels while they fought a war with a government they thought unjust. To be caught listening to El Sombrero Azul meant death.

I think Cobain wanted to bring that kind of spirit into his music. That feeling that if you were listening to one of his songs it was because you were a part of that other place--oh, don't make me say it. We've all been there on one occasion or another, visiting maybe because it's not the place you'd like to live. It is that place that hides the rage of the land.

It bubbles out in art. Kurt Cobain bubbled out in his music. I think it's lovely to look at it that way.

And what would he think of some asshole wannabe blogger/writer looking at his life and work, trying to dissect him, trying to find his Logos? I think Smells Like Teen Spirit answers that:

Here we are now, entertain us.


Sure. Why not. I don't have anything better to do...


PS: This will be the first in a series I will call, Finding Nirvana (the concept, not the band). I will explore other artists who came, saw, and checked out early.