Tuesday, May 1, 2012

They told me to smile...

I am something of a serious fellow--confused most of the time, but serious. So, when I posted a photograph of me on my goodreads account, this was what I thought would come through. Serious. I was a little baffled when some of my friends told me things about the photograph... Was it a mugshot? Was I depressed? Was I a sloth? The last thing that came across was "writer." That was the point, right? To put up a photograph of the author of Absolution so everyone could see. And honestly, when I looked through the array of self-published author photographs, they all had that one thing in common. Yes. My friends and some of my co-workers had mentioned it.

They told me to smile.

You have dimples! Show off the dimples! I posted a new photograph of me; a rare one showing me smile (my smile?). It was taken on the day of my best friend's church wedding, which ironically only lasted a few months. We laugh about it now. You can too.

So, there I am in the photograph, smiling and in a suit and tie. I'm sure the eight people who buy my book this year will appreciate it. That was a joke. The combination of my friends, coworkers and family should get me at least ten people. Franny, who will handle my book tour, should buy one too. But I paid the woman already so she would be using my money to buy my book. It wouldn't be the same somehow. Call it superstition.

But hey, after this silly post, I am smiling. A real smile. It's past midnight. My novel has officially gone on sale.