Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Roll Call!

We are now entering the 4th week of the Dark Mind Book Tour I arranged for my novel, Absolution. It has been a fun adventure so far and there are still 2 weeks to go! Allow me to recap for you what's been going on if you haven't kept up:

At Mind Reader, Franny gave me my first review! She had some really nice things to say about the novel.

The next stop was the first of two stops at Shah Wharton's blog, Wordsinsync. The first time was to interview me. This would have been the first interview for me and she taught me a few words in English English, like chuffed.

The day after that, I wandered into the den of Hazel the Witch, otherwise known as Petra! But don't let the title fool you; she's a real nice person, no witch. I did a guest post for her that dealt with a few minor points of fiction, at least the fiction I write. Here was the first of the giveaways. In case I haven't mentioned yet, some of these tour stops have contests where you can win a free ebook copy of my novel! If you hurry, you can still catch Petra's giveaway (it expires about 5 hours from now).

Next I went to Abbey Ann's Bookland for another guest post. This one was about my version of "reading" a book. I don't just pick up the things and go through them. There is so much more involved that I don't think I did a good job capturing it all in that guest post. This means I'll have to post about it later on here, right after my post about the myth of "show don't tell" and that post about the differences between editing, revising, and copyediting, and...well you get the picture. Sadly, the ebook giveaway for that blog is over. The winner has been contacted and he/she already claimed the prize at Smashwords. I hope they like it.

Shalini Boland hosted me next. She is the wonderful author of Hidden (The Marchwood Vampire Series #1), which I reviewed here.  In the guest post I did for her I talked about mystery as a genre and showed the progression of the mystery novel. Again, it was more of an introduction into what I hope will be many more posts on the subject. She too had a giveaway, but alas, it's over and the winner selected. She posted the winner's name here.

I paid a visit to Vix in her blog TToria, where she reviewed the novel! It was such a beautiful review that encompassed many good points, like the world building. It was all in all a good review and I was happy she liked it. I would have liked to have done a guest post for her, but alas, time is short and space is limited!

And next was a return to Shah Wharton's Wordsinsync where she allowed me to guest post about androgyny and the male-female and female-male. This is a subject that is relevant to Absolution and so I felt that I needed to go further into it. Shah was very understanding and gave me room to venture where I needed to venture. There was also a giveaway here and the winner has been notified. Sorry you missed it, but there will be more in the future (including the one in Petra's blog, which I mentioned above).

The Blog Tour continued in Gabby's What's Beyond Forks, which is a reference to that town in the Twilight books (yes, feel free to say "no, duh," at this point). Here I did a guest post about my lack of a sense of humor when writing. Truly, it is the bane of my existence! But Gabby was nice enough to laugh at my jokes. Oh, and she has an ebook giveaway of my novel going on still! Hurry! There are only six days left and the internet might freeze before then.

I won't say that I played favorites during the tour, but I was really curious to see what Bob Milne made of my novel--he has an interesting reading palate. He reviewed it in his website, Beauty in Ruins, and I'm happy to say that he found it an "unusual" read that was worth your nickels! But that's not all. The guest post I wrote for him dealt with the stylistic language in my novel. The main character is a person out of place (he is part of the 1940s) and so speaks in a certain way. I explained the nuts and bolts of it; hopefully not in a dull manner.

The tour did not end there! I visited Vidya's blog, Books Are Magic, during which I discussed the three moments in my life that were less than perfect (as in very awkward and yes, embarrassing). I hope someone had a lot of laughs with that one. Vidya also ran a giveaway of my novel, which is over. But I can tell you  that by the number of entries, it was a fierce battle to get that ebook! Hopefully, the winner will enjoy it.

I did another guest post for Eileen's blog, Singing and Reading in the Rain! I loved the sentiment of the title, but I don't know how you could pull that off without pissing off your library or wallet. What astonished me about Eileen is that she's not even 14 yet! Talk about building your platform early on! The guest post for this blog did teach me a valuable lesson: Find out about your host's blog before writing something that may be inappropriate. I wrote about a subject that may be controversial on any other blog. She asked me to write about the weirdest thing I had to do while writing Absolution. And I didn't hold back... There is a light at the end of this tunnel. The ebook giveaway Eileen is holding is still active. You have several days to put an entry in and maybe win a copy of my book.

Ah, and I couldn't have a blog tour without visiting the Pelican State! Maghon (may-gun) took two big parts in my tour in her blog Happy Tails and Tales (and yes, I love dogs too), a pal like Shah. The first stop consisted of a review and an interview! Maghon enjoyed the book and its characters, particularly Jenn. She even asked me about how I came up with the character; that's how much she cared. I can't tell you how pleased I was that she wanted to know. She also hosted a giveaway and the winner was selected, but she was so nice she promised a copy of the ebook to all who entered! That's how nice a person she is.

The next couple of stops were shorter and consisted only of a posting of a novel excerpt and more ebook giveaways! I'm telling you, I've gone nuts with giveaways! The first was at Understanding Shae's Story and the next was over at Kindle and Me. The giveaway for Shae's story is still going for the next five hours! You have a whole day to enter the one at Kindle and Me (and this one is probably your best bet since very few people have entered it).

I returned to Dark Franny's Mindreader for an interview, which was very probing (but in a good way, not the alien autopsy way). It was enjoyable and a little liberating to answer her questions. I hope you check it out, if only to amuse yourself with me.

The next stop had another review waiting for me. This one was from Niina and her wonderful blog, For the Love of Reading! I was honestly nervous about the review since I didn't think she would dig the novel. But she totally did! I even got a little flame ball that signifies a "warm" sexual content. Made me sweat. The guest post I did for her was one of the most interesting ones I did for this tour. It deals with Noir in film and the Hardboiled detective fiction of the 1930s. I also speak about its current incarnation in Urban Fantasy and, of course, as it pertains to my characters. Go check it out and read Niina's reviews--some of which draw controversy!

And so at last we come to today's guest post and giveaway over at Crayolakim's Mother/Gamer/Writer. If you wanted a good (I mean really, really good) chance to win a free ebook copy of Absolution, you won't find any better (yes, I remember what I said above. Don't call me on this stuff!). So far, no one has entered that giveaway, which means if you are the only one who does, then you are by default the winner! There are still 13 days in the giveaway though. Oh, and I also did a guest post for her that deals with inspiration and how to find it.

What's next for the tour? Another visit to Maghon's page and a guest post to start with! There will also be more ebook giveaways and the grand prize that wins the whole shebang. But don't be shy. If you want to see the whole tour schedule, just click here.

Phew! That took forever to write... But that's the roll call of blog stops. If you want to read more reviews of Absolution, stop by the novel's goodreads page here.