Sunday, July 1, 2012

Contest Winners

By now a few contests on my Dark Mind Book Tour have expired and some of you may be curious about who the winners were. I am too. 

But worry not! Franny, the tour coordinator has had some personal issues to deal with this past week and just hasn't gotten around to it. Give her a chance and some time (I am). I know that at least three of you have already claimed your prizes on Smashwords. There will be many more, including the winner of all my swag (depicted here). 

And just to be extra nice, I'm also going to throw in an ebook copy of my novel. It's not just that I'm nice, but the sunglasses arrived in the mail and they didn't WOW me...I wanted to buy one of those teddy bears that has human clothes on it, but with detective gear on. Alas, I never found one--from a reputable website anyway. 

Hmmm? Me? I haven't been up to much. After I finished that short story, clarified the self-published rule with the contest coordinator, and entered it, I let my brain cool off. Today I found a few more short story contests to enter. 

Oh, and if you were hoping to win a free copy of my book, but didn't, I'll keep the prices cheap for an additional two weeks. After that I'm jacking up the prize to $3.99 and focusing on the projects I want to complete this summer! I might do another blog tour for Absolution, but as of yet I haven't found a suitable candidate. Feel free to suggest one in the comments. 


PS: I'm still working on that "show, don't tell" blog...