Thursday, July 19, 2012


I escaped to the safety of the library when the temperature outside started to climb into the upper 70s at 9:00 AM. It's so warm now that I'm sweating even as the air conditioner hits me. It's odd since yesterday we had cloudy weather and rain. So goes summer in Los Angeles. 

Yesterday I had a real treat. I visited the Municipal Ferry Building in San Pedro, which is where the prologue to Absolution takes place! It is no longer a ferry building, but has become the Los Angeles Maritime Museum. With some remodeling, the exterior looks less like a bus stop and more like a place to learn about military items (like the enormous torpedo they have mounted near the front door). 

I took a few shots with my DSLR that I'll share later once I get them into my ipad. We couldn't go inside because of the late hour. But I did learn a little of the history thanks to Bartholomew, who joined me. Supposedly, there had once been a prison just across the street.


The last time I posted, maybe you noticed I changed a few things here In the Forgotten Realm. I added the information for Ascension in the Books page, along with a prototype cover. And instead of the old On the Web page, I've added a page titled On My Mind that has links to the guest posts I've written all over the internet and the writing posts I've posted here In the Forgotten Realm. Finally, in the Chasing the Coyote page I added the prologue to Ascension (in its rough form). 

I was very happy I could make all those changes without having to consult an expert. One of my goals is to learn to use my DSLR like a pro and also to learn about web design and HTML coding. I thought about taking a few classes, but then it hit me...I have all the knowledge available to me where I work for free! 


PS: The other day I posted a pseudo-schedule of my writing goals for the rest of the year, but I forgot to include the revision to The Quantum of the Past, which will be available in 3 parts later this year.