Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Revision blues

I'm about 308 pages into the 547 page manuscript of The Quantum of the Past. The font I chose is 12 pt Times New Roman, double spaced. It's grueling work that reminds me of the six and a half months it took me to draft this version of it and the year it took me to draft the previous version. It sucks the life out of me. But my revisions demand this much of me. It also makes me twitch to know that after this revision there is another revision.

This type of busy work allows me time to work out a problem I'm having with Ascension. I don't waste time mulling over problems; I just move on to something else. Revising a project always helps me. 

I tried not to write another post until I had at least 50% done. Yesterday, I finished that, but was so tired and frustrated with other issues that I couldn't sit down to write this. Many things are coming to a head now, but I'm not so afraid as I had been before. 

I think August will establish the norm for the next ten years of my life. Before the end of August, I will have the first installment of The Quantum of the Past for sale. The price will be cheap ($0.99) for each of the three installments. 

But beyond that, I will have to fend for myself a little more now. That's okay, however. 


My adventures in library land researching that Urban Fantasy article have been very productive. Yes, I have been wrong about some things and I'll post my shared knowledge later. This is what research is supposed to do: Educate you. 

The neat part of it is looking at older texts, from the 70s and 80s, and analyzing their views. My hypothesis is that works of Fantasy set in a contemporary setting are not unique to the 80s, that some should have sprung up in the 50s and 60s (and maybe even before then) by writers who perhaps were trying their hand at something new. And, I'm also looking at international literature.

In that Urban Fantasy post I had up earlier, I was trying to define what UF was. This, it turns out, was a mistake. Every blogger who tries to define the genre is making a mistake. But it was a pleasant surprise to understand why I was making a mistake.


PS: I will add some short stories to the site.