Friday, July 6, 2012

Some More Definitions

There is a cool marine layer that covers Los Angeles these days. It's supposed to be the middle of summer, but the breeze prickles my skin a little. The sky turns gray because of it so that you think it will surely rain. But it never does. We were low in our rain intake this year. 

It's lazy weather, not too warm, not too cool. After a full lunch, it brings you down. What better place to nap than in the shade? Sometimes, I like to just sit in my car and let my body succumb to sleep, people walking around, and that cool breeze hitting me. 

It's no wonder I get little reading done. So, what's been going on with me aside from falling asleep in a cool shade? Someone asked me that today.

I've been working. 

Yesterday I began serious work into retooling The Sprite for submission. It's in worse shape than I originally thought. The problem is that it was a story meant to be a prequel, to be read after the publication of another novel. That never happened and the friendly Sprite was left in the shadows. I just love it when my stories are tangled. The untangling is fun. 

I'm also giving serious thought to what I'm going to do with Absolution. The best course is to expose it to more readers. The international blog tour worked in ways I had not anticipated. Perhaps a United States blog tour is in order. I honestly don't care about the cost. This is really fun! Believe me when I tell you that all the money I've spent on this project does not hurt me. This is especially true when I consider all the money I've thrown away on garbage over the years. Spending a few more dimes on something that's unique won't kill me. :)

I also plan to attend the Southern California Writer's Conference this Fall. I hope to see some of the people who read this blog there. 

So, that's what I've been up to. Tomorrow it's back to work on The Sprite before I pummel the next chapter in Detective Adams' trilogy, Ascension. I already put up the book description on goodreads: Ascension


I at long last finished that post about "show, don't tell." I'm going to revise it to death before I put it out. The problem is that it's really long. I've done my best to trim it, but when I least expect it, something new enters my mind and I have to add it to the post. What is it really? An article? A blog post? An essay? I like to call it an essay because the word means "an attempt." 

That's what it is. 

But here are a couple of more definitions that will help me shred some space from the Essay. These terms are important to "show, don't tell." But I don't think anyone who adheres to that mantra would want them linked together.

Qualitative Statement: 

In most dictionaries this will be defined as a statement that is not based on quantitative data, but is purely subjective. It is an opinion. The following statements are qualitative--as they pertain to fiction.

A description that evokes the senses is more engaging to the reader.

That last sentence is dull because the author refused to show us what he meant.

Examples that use action and dialogue instead of simple, telling statements, are better at giving the reader a deeper understanding of the character's emotions. 

The problem with qualitative statements is that the persons who make them often think they are truth. If you notice, there is no way to prove any of the examples. Someone more vulgar would call qualitative statements "talking out of your ass." 

Well, here I fooled you. There are no other terms to define. In two days I'll post that "show, don't tell" essay. And that way I can begin to explore how we write fiction.