Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The year flies away

What a long week that was! But I told myself, I said, we can't write another blog post until we finish The Sprite. And I did just now. Of course, it's not really finished, finished. It's revamped. I still have work to do on it, like add another couple of chapters before I start to look at places to send it in.
Last week seemed to drag for me, not because of the work I was doing, but because I was just soooo eager to see the changes to the Absolution page on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It's so easy to obsess over those things. But it really is exciting! There is activity in places where I didn't think I would have much. I'm so focused on sales that I'm not paying enough attention to my work.

I'm changing the price of Absolution back to $2.99 tomorrow at midnight; the people who were interested in buying it have already bought it and those who are curious but not really sure will still be curious and not really sure when the price goes up--maybe then you'll be sure you don't wanna buy it!

Without worrying about sales, I can focus on the rest of the summer. I already have a slew of books I want to read and projects I want to write. But that doesn't mean that Absolution will vanish. It will pop up in places here and there on internetland. And of course, those links I have here to buy it will still be active.

As a writer, the best thing I can do for my novel right now is not to continue to advertise, but to push forward with newer projects. It is a decision that seems counter-intuitive. You want people to buy your book? No. I want readers to discover it. How will they do that if you don't advertise? It should happen if I continue to write and produce more work. There is so much work that is ready to come out.

So, here goes:

  1. Draft three new chapters for The Sprite.
  2. Draft Ascension.
  3. Draft a short story for the next quarter of the Writers of the Future Contest.
  4. Revise The Sprite again.
  5. Revise Ascension. Twice.
  6. Revise that short story. 
  7. Prepare The Sprite for submission.
  8. Prepare that short story for submission. 
  9. Edit Ascension.
  10. Copy-edit Ascension
  11. Send out The Sprite and that short story.
  12. Have test readers look at Ascension
  13. Fix anything direly wrong the test readers find in Ascension.

You're looking at the rest of my year. In the Fall I'll order the cover art for Ascension. I could do it now, but I want to have a fair idea of where the story is going. I also need to find an alternative to Smashwords.com. Etc. Etc.



I forgot to mention I'm also working on that blog post about the differences between revising, editing, and copy-editing! Thought I forgot, Bartholomew? Not so, sir.