Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I may have been a bit ambitious when I said I would have the first volume of The Quantum of the Past published before the 31st. It was a good idea at the time or was it? 

It was a bad idea. To really appreciate why that is, I have to walk you through MY revision process. I try to be as thorough as possible when revising, which is why it takes so long. I devote a good month to it, unless the project is particularly difficult and requires time to solidify in my mind. It's the reason why I have yet to draft the missing chapters of The Sprite so I can send it off and why I haven't jumped into the drafting of that second contest story. 

Here is my revision process:

I: The first revision.

II: The second revision.

III: The working draft.

I wish that they took place in that order. Because a novel has sections to it, those we call chapters, it is possible to do a second revision of an early chapter while doing a first revision of the rest of the novel. This was the case with The Quantum of the Past. I reworked the Prologue, which I posted long ago. I'll add it to the Chasing the Coyote tab in this blog. 


During August, I also want to do some reading that I promised myself I would get done before the new semester at Long Beach State starts.

Vaempires: White Christmas, a prequel to the first novel in the Revolutionary Wars series by Thomas Winship.


Next is the literary series I had been anticipating for a while. They are short enough to read in one sitting. Here is Elizabeth Barone's Sandpaper Fidelity series (#1-4). The series has gone up to 9, I think, so in coming months I'll read and review them, four at a time.

And last is Shalini Boland's second entry into the Marchwood Vampire series. I'm not sure what to expect of the second entry since the first entry felt complete. But that's a good thing and I look forward to reading this. 


One of my reviews is up for a Blog Award! My review on the first installment of Tom Winship's Vaempires series seems very popular. I hope it wins for his sake. 

Lately, I've read and read novels that I haven't reviewed. This doesn't mean I've lost the spirit to do a review on these novels. No, sir. It just means that they are of such quality that to add another good review seems irrelevant.

What can I say about Jack London and his Call of the Wild that hasn't already been said? How much more praise can I give Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game? Those were phenomenal stories. Jack London I plan to read in the future for my development as a writer.