Sunday, September 23, 2012

One year ago...

Well, one year ago I was in the same predicament I have been in for the past couple of months. The Quantum of the Past sucked the life right out of me and it took most of my strength to finish it. What made it more challenging was struggling with the tone and voice.

Not much has changed since then. I'm struggling with it now for the very same reasons. Although I have to say that reading Melville's Typee has given me fresh ideas. I'm reading Moby Dick now, so we'll see what ideas emerge from that.

I finished the second revision of volume two today though. Volume two was the most difficult (during the drafting and revising).

I care less and less about audience expectations and more about aesthetics. I love what I do.


The Fall has not been very pleasant. During June and July, the weather was bland, not very exciting. Enter August and it's suddenly a walk through hell. Yikes! Today it was 95 degrees Fahrenheit. I'm barely keeping up with my commitments everywhere and part of that is because of this heat. 

But this period is not all work and heat. Not that long ago I went with a group of Bartholomews and watched a production of Bonhoeffer. It was a remarkable story, made more so by the wonderful performances--I'm happy to be a co-worker with one of the cast members.

A week or so after going to see that play, I attended a murder-mystery party where the guests were given a role to play in the sordid crime. After many bears and guessing and back stabbing, it was revealed that I was indeed the killer. I did a fair amount of tampering with the evidence (and did some things that I never thought I would have to). But they got me in the end. Bastards!

I went to the Getty yesterday and discovered Klimt. His "Medicine" was particularly intriguing, as were the many studies he drafted to prepare for it. Because of the darkness, I didn't bring my camera (and I was unsure of whether I could use it in the museum at all). What a pleasant experience! 

And in this way I've carried on with work and classes and artistic work.