Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The Quantum of the Past is being a royal whore. Whore!

But, this is the longest work I've had the pleasure of revising. It has much to do with the complexity of the story. Volume 1 is about ready for the last stages before I put it out. But it's Volume 2 that pesters. I won't get into any particulars here; I'll reserve my ramblings for the third post on revisions.

My timetable has shrunk. I have to execute that short story for the Writers of the Future Contest in a few weeks; much like I did with the last entry. In all honesty, I will probably skip this quarter in order to focus on getting volume one of Quantum ready for the end of November. But who knows, inspiration might hammer me the way it did last quarter.


It's been an interesting month so far. I'm currently exploring a few ideas for the cover of the three volumes that will make up The Quantum of the Past. Working with designs is helping me develop a part of my brain that has remained dormant so far.

Just look at the quality images I'm producing: