Saturday, September 29, 2012

Taking a breather...

At last, I finished the second revision of The Quantum of the Past! But not really. If you notice, in the Works In Progress page, all three volumes are at 75%. What does that mean? I'll explain that further in the post about the second revision (which is complete, but I was waiting to finish the second revision). 

Now I get to move on to the editing of the novel. Volume one comes first and then I'll publish it. Then I'll have three months to work on Volume two and three months after that to work on Volume three. 

I've been aching to write Ascension! All that built-up tension from working on Quantum has left me with a need to write. I hope it goes as quickly as Absolution did. I finished that in two months. 

Note: The drafting of one of my novels is considerably shorter than what comes after. 

I think I will post about that too. The drafting of one of my novels. 

But dear god, let me take a breather!