Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Good tidings

With the month of October more than halfway gone, it seems a fantasy to say that the first volume of The Quantum of the Past will come out at the end of November. I might be finished with all the necessary elements to publish it--completing the cover; finalizing its revision; editing and copy-editing--but alas!

My publicity efforts would come up short; the people who run the Blog Tours require time to prepare. This is understandable. It's a set-back though.

It is also another fantasy to assume that I am working on Ascension as of yet (which I should be already). But do not think me a lapse individual; I am gathering the elements necessary to make that novel work. The more of this preparation I complete, the easier the revision will be.

Set-backs, set-backs, and here I titled the post, "Good tidings." What good tidings are these? Well there are some.

I learned the other day, purely by chance, that the iBookstore--which I had completely given up on--now carries Absolution!


And here is a most pleasant bit of news: The library I work in deemed Absolution worthy of its collection, so now it will carry two copies of its in its stacks. I will be grouped with other local authors, which is a rare treat. I was shocked at first, but now feel a glowing joy.

I leave you to do the happy dance.