Saturday, October 27, 2012


I'm trying to create some distance between my mind and the first volume of The Quantum of the Past. It will help me edit it later in November.

To do this, I decided to draft the missing chapters of The Sprite. That should take me a couple of days--I got into it yesterday. This seems like a good route to take before committing into Ascension.

What's also helped me create distance is the amount of school work I've had to complete. I'm almost done with Moby Dick--and I plan to write something on it--while reading another of Melville's works, Pierre, which I just now finished. And then there is the work for the Engineering Department...

And I'm fumbling through the art for the cover of the first volume of Quantum. It's all very interesting though I wish I had a better background in the subject.

October is gone! And with it ten years. Ten long years.