Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mid November

Go look at the Urban Fantasy page on Wikipedia and you'll see that it's back to the way it was before I tried to edit it. It took them all of a few days to do this. I had heard of those obsessive volunteers, but it was a different experience dealing with one.

The main issue was this: I altered some content because it was verified by links to the personal blogs of unknown authors--people like me. This is problematic since these authors, like me, make a number of well-opinionated statements that aren't meant to verify anything. They are just our opinions and preferences; the person in question (the wiki-volunteer), not using his real name, changed it all back.

I tried to change some content again and this person changed it again. I questioned him about the validity of the links used to verify the information and he said that it was a valid verification, in line with Wikipedia's standards; in other words, Wikipedia allows their volunteer editors to use opinions found in blogs and other such websites to verify statements made in their articles. And I was told by this person that until the information was proven incorrect it would remain there.

And that was the punchline to this whole ordeal. You can't prove or disprove an opinion.

Ha! Prove this wrong: What makes coffee beautiful is its rich dark hue and potent smell.

You can't. In other words, that Wikipedia article is going to stay the way it is; it's a shame since I was planning more extensive revisions to it. The silver lining to this is that I can now focus on the projects I'm behind on. Really, that's what I should be focusing on. 


I will complete the editing for the first volume of The Quantum of the Past over the Thanksgiving holiday, which is good news because then I can finally get going with Ascension. It haunts me that so much work is on my shoulders right now and it all seems to be slipping.

I miss having time off.