Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Quantum of the Past vol 1

After a grueling battle, The Quantum of the Past volume 1 is ready to go. How I have longed to say that! It has been a big struggle to publish another work of fiction after Absolution. The biggest set-back has been a re-evaluation of why I wish to publish books. I thank Herman Melville for that.

Of course, failing in places has educated me. The small lessons I learned along the way have enlightened me. Just what is success? I succeeded in finishing a novel that is 100% influenced by my preferences and artistic views. So, what I put out now will be a reflection of what I call Urban Fantasy, what I call Fantasy--I've settled on agreeing to disagree about the boundaries of the genre.

Absolution aside, The Quantum of the Past vol 1 and The Wizards will be a fair representation of what type of fiction the word "Urban Fantasy" describes. Of course, this is my opinion on the matter.

And that's important, to note it is only my opinion. I'm no longer trying to define the genre or trying to tell someone else what Urban Fantasy ought to be. What I emulate with my work is the type of fiction called Urban Fantasy that I grew up with; these included some graphic novels, many wonderful television shows, and of course, novels.

And so, I humbly offer you the first of three volumes of a work that has taken me over ten years to bring to fruition.

I feel tired writing that. Part of me wants to put the book away and keep it to myself and give up this publishing farce. But I want to show my deepest appreciation for being allowed to live in the United States. The only way I can do that is by contributing, even a little, to the literary landscape of this country.


The Kindle edition of the first few pages is ready; I looked it over today. This weekend I'll have the Barnes and Noble epub ready. Later, I may go with Smashwords again (even after I vowed never to do anything with their Meatgrinder again).

I bow to you.