Sunday, February 17, 2013


No, I'm not dead. Stop asking me that.

No one ever told me that Engineering classes were difficult...

I had another move this month and it's kept me busy. Quantum continues to keep me busy too and The Sprite. Fortunately, I'm almost done with both and I can move on to other things. It won't be Ascension. I've decided to wait until May for that; it just wouldn't be fair to write it with all this nonsense going on.

At least I can focus on smaller scale projects, like the short stories that will make up The Wizards and Volumes 2 and 3 of Quantum.

I'm just dying to write fresh material!

I did amuse myself by writing this dedication page, which will appear in The Quantum of the Past volume 1:


Why do novels need dedication pages like this one? It is a custom that dates back, back to an era when an author would dedicate his work to the king. Today, it is an expected component of the novel, a way for writers to acknowledge someone special.
But I feel that these dedication pages become less and less relevant in our modern age. When novels were inscribed to kings, it meant something to dedicate the work. The act of writing a novel and publishing it was a greater feat than it is in our society.
So, these days, when Author X publishes his third novel the year (fourth or fifth in some cases), those dedications lose meaning. It is silly, as silly as a fast-food restaurant cook dedicating his every burger produced.
I acknowledge, however, that all novels require dedication. It takes dedication to draft a story and revise it, not just once, but numerous times. And only a dedicated writer can read the same manuscript multiple times until it exhausts them. In short, it takes dedication to publish it to a certain standard, a standard to be proud of.
The end result is a work of vast dedication, one the author will be proud will outlive him/her.