Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Month of July

Well, I've about put volume two of The Quantum of the Past out of my misery. I'm finishing up the copy-edits currently. With that goes the bulk of the burden, so to speak. Volume three is not as long.

Last month I made almost no progress on any of my projects. The Santa Monica College shootings soured that for me. And Quantum took up what time I did use.

So, it's time to play catch-up. And what a month to do it! The summer is in full bloom with temperatures and humidity peaking high, high.

I finally restarted Ascension today and each day I will add something to it. My goal is to have a draft by the end of August. This is actually a fun thing for me, since the Detective Adam story is less complex than anything in Miles Trevor.

But I'm going to split my days in two (my free days that is). Each day I will also work on one of the short stories that will make up The Wizards. This too I want to have drafted by the end of August.

And yes, I do mean to read all the books on my list. I've had to extend the deadlines on the books I checked out from the library and can't keep those indefinitely.

I am very pleased that I can get back to work.