Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Last of August

More Wizards!

Well, you can't say that summer didn't hit us here. The past week has been straight from Hell. Very warm. Yes. As Tyler put it, "It's Africa hot. Tarzan couldn't deal with it."

The interesting thing about writing a blog entry at the end of the week is that it pressures me to do something. It's an unusual side-effect. A positive one. I actually want to have something done to write about.

I didn't look at any particular story in The Wizards. Instead, I worked out a few world-building issues. As it stands, I decided these stories will definitely mingle with the world of Absolution (that thing I wrote two years earlier).

That world is already established and it is different enough, and green enough, to explore and expand. And so, there will be some characters in these stories from Absolution. The stories in The Wizards, then, will take place after the events of that book.

More Quantum!

I focused on Quantum vol. 3 this week. Its appendices all focus on the city where the action takes place, Lusphera (map to follow). I got tied up for a while trying to write in Old English before I gave it up. Or maybe not. We'll see how I feel the next time I look at that prophecy.

The editing was very involved too. I moved stuff up front. Added more interludes. Deleted a flurry of things. Now I'm doing the final readings, which will unfortunately take about three weeks to complete since the copy-editing is more difficult this time around. It's like the end of a trilogy. And looking back at the three volumes, it feels that way.

It's interesting the way things evolve.



It's pretty! 

And so, September snuck up on me. With luck, this coming week I can finish another Wizard story. More than likely, I'll keep chipping away at Quantum vol. 3. But who knows?

For sure though, writing here every week pressures me to do something with my projects during the week. But let me get back to work now and leave you alone.