Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Wizard of Los Angeles

The Los Angeles wizard went down after two weeks. The last week I wrote about ten thousand words! It surprises me what my little hands can do when properly motivated. That was more of a release. It has been so long since I put down anything new that had nothing to do with The Quantum of the Past.

I had a good writing week. Along with that short story, I also added a mini play to volume 3 of Quantum. That turned out better than I thought and took considerably less time to write.

Next week I want to take down another wizard, the one from Watts. That will put me in the right mood for the start of my last semester at school.


And I suppose this is the last of the summer of 2013. My one big accomplishment was that I wrestled volume 2 of Quantum into submission. I read very little, so little that I don't think my goodreads goal of 30 books for the year will go unfinished.

So much for writing Ascension. Or the other wizard stories.


At least I think I can get The Quantum Thief and The Fractal Prince read and reviewed.

Hopefully, the Fall will be more productive.