Monday, August 5, 2013

Volume 2

I defeated volume 2 of The Quantum of the Past. It left me tired, especially after a week of repetitive work to get the ebook formatting done to where I wasn't cringing every time I flipped a page.

I was not very happy that Amazon made me charge $1.99 instead of the $0.99 I wanted to charge. I had to charge $1.99 on all the other versions of the ebook as a result. Maybe it was because it's so much thicker than the previous volume?

My maps look okay at least, but I'm still going to add them here.

The whole experience with volume 2 left me feeling frothy. I'm looking forward to writing new things. The rest of my summer I'm going to work on the short stories for The Wizards. They are less time consuming and should give me more satisfaction than working on novels.

Ah, yes, and then there's volume 3 of Quantum.

At least I don't have to do the cover for that one.