Friday, September 27, 2013

Local Author Fair

And so, this weekend the Palos Verdes Library District will hold two events where authors will speak about their respective works. On Saturday, author Edward Humes will visit us and speak about his book, Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair With Trash.

And on Sunday, we will host a number of local authors to give them a chance to read their work, answer questions as part of panels, and sign their books. You can read all about it here.

I will be there as a moderator for one of our panels: The Thrillers and Killers panel. Its goal is to allow Mystery and Thriller novel writers a chance to answer questions about writing in this particular genre, and also about the plotting process--an element of fiction that is all-important in this genre.

I can tell you that I'm nervous and excited! There is something special about meeting the author of a novel you've read. I get to meet four at the same time and ask them questions about their work. I hope that as you read this, you will decide join us.

The event runs from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Attendance is free.

Here are the authors I will meet this Sunday, along with cover art for their latest novel.

Alone and grieving over his son, Detective Nicholas Faraday's nightmare is only beginning. When he's called to investigate a death at a country estate, a second victim collapses before his eyes and the swanky residents stop at nothing to resist the investigation. Only one person helps--Annabelle Dancer, who's immediately drawn to him. In what quickly becomes the most baffling case of his career, Nicholas struggles to fit together claims of "ghosts," an unshakable trance at a seance and "brain invasions." Are these hallucinations or tricks? Evidence points more and more to the unimaginable. As the killer masters a horrifying technique, Nicholas loses ground. In a frantic race to protect Annabelle and solve the crime before the killer strikes again, he's forced to rethink not only the case, but his grasp of reality itself. When Annabelle's mind becomes the battleground for the killer's showdown, she finds a key piece of the solution. This spurs Nicholas to set a trap with himself as bait. As the killer comes for him, he learns the shocking truth. How can he save Annabelle and defeat a killer who holds all the advantages?

Perhaps crime doesn’t pay. But doing nothing doesn’t either. Still, does any degree of abuse or mistreatment warrant fratricide—killing one’s own brother? Or, more precisely, half-brother? And when does old fashioned greed take over and disguise itself as simple ambition or self-preservation? Find out. Discover how the rock and roll bastard from Detroit, Nic Reilly, fights his way to the top of the record business and then loses everything, including himself—with most of it taking place during the implosion years of the file-sharing revolution as the music industry melts to the ground.

Captain Josie Corsino has selected Kyle Richards, a trusted and talented sergeant, to supervise a burglary task force in Hollywood Division. While working that special detail, Richards is involved in a fatal shooting. He's reluctant to be candid about his relationship with the man he killed and that leads not only to uncovering his mysterious past but exposing Josie's division to notoriety and a fiery assault.

A washed up trophy-wife, a recklessly ambitious cop, and one very ticked off Russian Mobster. Professional blackmailer John Sharp, AKA One Eyed Jack, is in the fight of his life, and engaged in a deadly cat and mouse game with his long-time nemesis. Surviving only by his cunning and street smarts, he must return to his painful past, and to the only person who can help him stop his arch enemy once and for all.

See you Sunday!