Monday, February 3, 2014

January Ended...





It feels like it was just the other day when I wrote about the new year. The first month is over, though, and with it came a slew of new rewards and issues. I'm behind as always on my work, but with good reason. There are two monkeys on my back currently. One is called Traffic School; I have to get rid of it before I can continue with fiction. The other one shall remain nameless because it's a bad monkey.

Aside from that, I was able to commission new art for my projects. It's always pleasant to see another person's interpretation of one of my ideas. I can imagine it must be the same for screenwriters (who have almost no say in their work). Poor bastards.

And, of course, with new art comes a new way of looking at my work. For example, I recently had the covers made for all three of the Elohim Trilogy books (two not yet written) and it helped me see the story from a fresh perspective. I want to revamp Absolution and re-release it so that it fits its new cover. Why that is, I don't know.


Yesterday, rain washed Los Angeles. Little droplets fell from the night sky giving everything a glossy coat we haven't seen in months it seems. We are in a drought and I'm sure yesterday's weather was the fulfillment of many wishes.

Driving in that mess is less a blessing. You ever notice that when it rains, the difficult people come out? It's true. The most daring acts of vehicle maneuvering on the freeways that I've witnessed in my short/long life have happened during rainy days. It's like somewhere out there, all of the terrible drivers are sitting in a room waiting for a man in a white coat to give them the word that it's okay for them to go out and drive.

I pondered all of this while at the airport. Yesterday, Seal (the singer) walked through our little checkpoint. My co-worker checked his boarding pass (it was valid).

The day before, Guy Pearce came through and we had a heck of a time trying to figure what movie we had just seen him in (it was Iron Man 3, where he played the Mandarin).

So, it is interesting that I come across people like them (and many others) while performing what seems a community service, like the job at the library. It's a very interesting situation, which I will fictionalize for short stories--just like the way I have done for the library scenario.


PS: I'm finally taming The Night Circus! I'm within 100 pages of finishing.