Saturday, March 8, 2014

End of Week 1...

This week, I tackled two of the three books I wanted to read: Wizard of the Pigeons; and Ask the Dust. Also, I finished the ebook conversions for The Quantum of the Past: A Fantasy.

So far, so good.

I want to read more contemporary fiction to get a feel for what's out there. In light of that, I chose several titles that are, for the most part, popular fiction books. I'm starting with And the Mountains Echoed (a heck of a novel title if I ever heard one!) and The Book Thief (which may or may not appeal to me, depending on how much the author wanted kids to like it).

Those are two literary novels, which follow the heels of Ask the Dust.

I'm also going to read some fantasy books, both for adults and for younger audiences. That new Percy Jackson series seems appealing; although I have to confess the first one was a good ride, but that was all. It just didn't have the magic of the Harry Potter series (literally and spiritually). That has five books in it, I believe, with the last book coming out later this year, so I won't have to wait long if I get into it (somehow, it has reviews on goodreads).

There is also the Septimus Heap series, which is finished. That has very good reviews and has even been compared to the Harry Potter series. It has seven books, a total that will help my goodreads reading goal of 50 books this year. I'm cautious about it, though. Hopefully, the first book, Magyk, will grab me.

Yes, yes, I'm also trying the other books J.K. Rowling wrote: The Casual Vacancy, The Cuckoo's Calling, and The Silkworm.

The sad thing is, I'm not very excited about any of these reads. They're things to do. The best I can hope for is that Hannu Rajaniemi's The Causal Angel (out in July of this year) is as decent as the other two books in the series.


This coming week, I will tackle The Wizard of Hollywood. And also, I will write a review of Ask the Dust.