Saturday, March 1, 2014

March goals!

As far as fulfillment goes, this year has yet to bring me any. The disastrous months of January and February have removed the floor from under me. Well, I'm not having any of that, so this month is catch-up month.

I realize now that part of the problem is that I have yet to finalize my older projects. This means finishing the ebook versions of The Quantum of the Past: A Fantasy. That's one thing. The other thing is not getting ahead of myself and doing stupid things, like spend time and money on items that will not be needed until later in the year (hopefully).

Add to the way I've been giving in to defeatism regarding a number of things and it's not healthy. I'm lazier now and sleep too much; so what if I go to sleep past one in the morning every day? I should be up by 8.

And so, it is time to remember that once, a long, long time ago I was a military man with much discipline. I will need that discipline to carry out my goals for this month. Damn it, I will get them done or die trying! No compromises now. These things must get done in March:

  1. Finish the ebook versions of The Quantum of the Past.
  2. Finish a rough draft of The Wizards. This includes:
    1. A rough draft of The Wizard of Hollywood.
    2. A rough draft of The Wizard of Long Beach.
    3. A rough draft of The Wizard of Santa Monica.
  3. Read at least three books.
  4. Write more in this webpage about writing (at least 4 posts).

Ah, see, that's not so bad, especially since I've been reading two books already. Ha! Corsair, you cheat, you!

Also, this month I'm going to acquire a vehicle which will serve me for the better part of the next two years. And I may or may not have to explore my employment possibilities; just taking a peek out there, nothing more (I had to add that last part so that Bartholomew, my co-worker, doesn't get nervous).

I'm very excited. It's do or die month here in the Forgotten Realm.