Thursday, March 20, 2014

Week 2 and 3...

I actually made progress on The Wizards. Part of that progress dealt with deleting things from the short story collection rather than finishing anything; The Wizard of Long Beach is a nice story that fits poorly with the others--I will keep it around for future use (along with The Wizard of Skid Row).

But The Wizard of Hollywood is drafted. I spent a day longer than I had to in order to finish it, which was unavoidable. At least I got something done.

What's left for this month is The Wizard of Santa Monica. The story is the longest in the collection and will probably top 17,000 words (of which 11,000 are done). Hooray! Two weeks left in March to do that and read one book.


Car Buying in America

Dealer 1:

"You're credit is not so great, sir."

"I...yes..I made some mistakes when I was younger, but I've learned from them..."

"But some of these accounts went red a few months ago!"

"Technically, I was younger a few months ago than I am today..."

Dealer 2:

"Do I get a seven year, 100,000 mile warranty from carmax?"

" We offer a 90 day warranty..."

"Can you certify that the vehicle is in top shape?"

"We inspect it. Our mechanics do."



"So, what carmax can certify is that someone definitely owned the vehicle before me..."

Dealer 3:

"So, that 2010 Honda Civic is $7,999, minus the $1500 down payment in my pocket?"

"Yes, sir! We aim to please here."

"That sounds pretty good! What will my payments be?"

"$250 a month."

"What? For how long?"

"48 months..."

"That's $4000 more than the original price!"

"Yes, sir, but the licensing, taxes, paperwork, etc. etc... you see how that accumulates? Not to mention your credit score is very low... And those nice rims it has...they're alloys. Very shiny. And that sound system! (whistles) Top notch."

"And if I don't want the rims? Can you put plain ones?"

"You would have to bring your own."

"And if I don't want the stereo?"

"We would charge you to take it out..."