Thursday, April 3, 2014

March Tally...

So... March came and went.

The only thing I failed to accomplish before the end of the month was the four entries about writing for this blog. That bothers me little since I wrote them, but don't like them enough to publish them; they need further development.

But... I acquired a vehicle. I (cough) finished a draft of The Wizards. And I read 3 books; Holes ended up being the last book--since Cormoran Strike's story is dragging and the The Book Thief just isn't holding my interest (Neil Gaiman's new book turned out to be an excellent read, which I will review soon).

What helped me achieve my book reading goal was rediscovering the audiobook format. I experimented for a bit and was happy that I could tolerate listening to short books. Longer books and books that are experimental just don't digest very well. I will be listening to Neil Gaiman's Anansis Boys next, while continuing to page through J.K. Rowling's mystery book.

This is a short post to help me enjoy my days off before I get into Ascension. I'll be writing the review of The Ocean at the End of the Lane next.