Sunday, May 4, 2014

April, 2014

The current heatwave in Los Angeles is nothing to laugh about. I wouldn't care except I now sleep during the day because I work late. Sadly, at around 10 AM it is over 80 degrees in my bedroom. It is impossible to sleep. And so, I prepare for work.

I think on an average night, I walk about a quarter of a mile at the airport. Sometimes I walk more, especially when I have to stay late or overnight. The only limit to how much I can work there is the amount of punishment my body can take before I fall down and die.

In the city that is LAX, I am an usher. More often than not, I am a sheepdog and you are my sheep. I gently remind you of where you need to go and how to get there. Sometimes I yell, but only when the volume level of the airport is higher than average (or when you piss me off). You bleat and I come running. Naturally, whenever a writer compares people to sheep, it is negative (not enough individuality in sheep I guess).

This is different than the library, where I exercise different muscles. It's a curious thing.


I wish I could say that I took April off, but I did not. I've been working on The Wizards, specifically on The Wizard of Santa Monica, which I had to re-write. Also, there are a number of little things that took my attention. I finally got a grip on a short story I have been wanting to write since 2005. I also wrote a chapter of The Phantasms of the Present.

What I wanted to do that I didn't get done was re-read what I have so far on Ascension. Now, I want to say that The Wizard of Santa Monica is in a decent enough draft-form that I can leave it alone, but I can't. It bothers me to leave that undone like that when I'm so close to putting it down. I may have gotten a bit ambitious with that one since it is now over 18,000 words long and growing.

To be honest, it's liberating to write something different, not Fantasy. The quality I like most about Mystery writing is having to build a puzzle backwards. With Ascension, I've learned some lessons, both from my successes and failures with Absolution and from the current Mystery novels I've been reading. All in all, Ascension should be a different type of challenge for me.


It has taken two weeks to finish this post. The good thing is that it is warming me up for what comes next. I'm very pleased that I have some things in order, not all, but that is what the rest of this month is for.

So, here's to May. Cheers!

May Goals:

  1. To warm up, draft 5000+ words of Ascension
  2. Finish the chapter I had been working on for The Phantasms of the Present.
  3. Take a bite of the short story I finally worked out in my head.
  4. Read five or six books (audiobook rocks!).
  5. Finish my research on the Kabbalah and the Sefirot.