Saturday, May 31, 2014

May gloom...

This hasn't been a happy month. Thanks to a 100 degree heatwave, I got very sick.

As far as writing goes, it went well. It was very satisfying working on the variety of stories I was working on. "Tommy and Me" is a short story (novelette) and The Phantasms of the Present is a novel. It's nice to have that level of diversity. In June I'll be working on a screenplay (just to write something other than prose).

Sadly, as well as the writing went, it wasn't well enough. I went two steps forward and took one big step back.

The damned Wizard of Santa Monica.

Thinking and rethinking about it made want to dismiss it first, then rewrite it...again. So, now it's scheduled for a rewrite. Not all of it, just most of it. Sigh...

One of the great Truths of writing, I suppose, is that the gap between initial idea and completed manuscript is the same length tens of thousands of rewritten words.

Ascension is going well at least, as well as the other stories I'm working on. The difficult part is resisting the urge to throw myself at the words. It helps that I can visualize the monster.

Displaying ascensionreal.jpg

Art by Celairen 2014

No, that's not a zombie. I do play with the idea of zombies in this book, though. It's nice to visualize the characters. I think I'll commission a portrait of Detective Adams. Already, this month I also received the cover art for The Wizards, which looks great! Thanks Ravven.

The wonders of this age never cease to amaze me.

And now for some June goals:

  1.  Write 20,000+ words of Ascension, which will bring me to the halfway point of the novel. 
  2. Get at least halfway through "Tommy and Me"
  3. Write a chapter or two of The Phantasms of the Present.
  4. Outline The Wizard of Santa Monica. 
  5. Read another five books.