Thursday, November 6, 2014

Beyond Ascension...

At last, Ascension went down... the Rough Draft anyway. I still have to work it to go through Revisions 1, 2, and 3 before Editing it.

And now, I get that period where nothing is certain. I miss my characters, but in order to forget them I have to create something new. The novelty of the new project will keep my mind away from dark places. The pain will be my muse. 

Already, I have next year's projects in line. One is obvious since I've mentioned it already: The airport story; the romance that uses LAX as a setting. 

The others are completely new. I've decided that 2015 will not be a year of sequels. Sure, I get to finalize the two novels in the Elohim Trilogy that I wrote this year, but not draft anything else.

It is this freedom that has me happy. Next year I come out of my hole again and I will shop around for ways to get others to read my stuff. Using what I learned from Absolution in 2012, getting The Wizards and Ascension out there should be a different experience altogether.

I have learned from the mistakes I made and will improve my methods accordingly.


It's National Writing Month! I'm not crazy enough to write an entire novel in one month; my hands will hurt with arthritic pain. However, I can finish my mini novel, my novelette about that wizard that comes from Santa Monica. That's right, I'm going to put the Wizards to sleep by re-writing the Wizard of Santa Monica

Also, I'll be gearing up to write the airport story before the end of November and into December. 

Art by Celairen 2014