Monday, February 2, 2015

New Year, old enemies...

Towards the end of December, I got a visit from an old enemy: Blepharitis. The flareup was so sudden that it confused me and left me with a very irritated left eye. It had been so long since I had problems with my eyes that I at first thought it was pink eye.


Luckily, I had taken a week off from both my jobs, so I only lost my time, not work time to recover... My doctors at the VA remembered this old bastard of an enemy from my records and gave me what I needed to clear it up (for now).

Let me tell you, I learned a great deal about taking time off at the beginning of the year. First, it is never a good idea, unless you like to travel in cold weather. January has cold weather anywhere you go in the United States. Aside from Los Angeles, there isn't much available in terms of a good time, unless you like to do stuff in the snow. It's not for me. Snow brings back memories of people I would rather remain in the shadows of my subconscious. And it's cold.

Besides, there was a ton of baggage I had to clean up (literally).

I'm going to try the vacation thing again in August of this year. This time, I will improve my methods.


The Wizard of Santa Monica continues to frustrate me. Goddamn, I could have written five other short stories in the time it's taken me to work that one through. But this week (the first week of February) is it. Thursday, Friday and Saturday I'm nailing this thing shut!

And then, at last, I begin the LAX story, which I've renamed. To do that I'm going to become a shut-in, just work and writing. No women. No drinking. No women. All the drama that women brought me last year is still fresh in my mind (Josephine, Josephine, Josephine, Josephine...). No women. No Asian women! None!

If I find the will-power to resist my lecherous urges, I think I can finish a draft of the LAX story by the end of March. It's not a difficult one--when compared to The Wizards and The Elohim Trilogy.