Sunday, March 29, 2015

The midpoint...

I'm at the midpoint of the outline I created for the LAX story. Here's the alarming point: I'm at just over 45,000 words. My original goal was to have a 60,000 word manuscript, but it now looks like I may have a 90,000--100,000 word manuscript instead!

Naturally, I've been trimming the hell out of my outline so that I don't end up having to write 120,000+ words to complete. It's amazing the way a novel blossoms like this. And it's even more amazing that I'm putting down so much so fast. Before March is over, I think I can get in another two chapters, which will put my March total at 30,000+ words.

At this pace, I won't finish by the end of April, like I had hoped. But I like that it's because the story is growing more complex. Still, I will be so close to finishing in a month that it will be beside the point.

Continuing to work at the ANA ticket counter motivates me, since I'm right there where the action in the book takes place. I can almost see my protagonist doing the things I describe. The only hiccup is that I also have to see my Josephine there too. Luckily, she's seeing someone else, so that takes my attention away from her.

Good for her. She looks happy too and she deserves it. I need to focus on my work.

In April, since I'm doing so good in March, I will detour a little and work on some other projects to get a head start. This is something I meant to do last year, but just couldn't get around to for whatever reason. It's always pathetic the way that other things get in the way.

But like Mr. Faulkner said, if you have a mind to write, you will do it. I'm paraphrasing, of course; I don't memorize the quotes of dead writers. That is a disservice to them. Instead, enjoy the living works that they left behind.


At the midpoint of the story, you begin to wonder how it will end. Here I am, ready to punch through to the last sentence of the book.

I already wrote a draft of the epilogue, which I see now will have to be modified in a number of ways. Hell, I may just delete it.

I want the ending of this story to be unique. I don't want it to just end. I want the reader to reveal themselves to me, the writer, as I revealed myself to them throughout the whole of the story. There has to be a mirror there, so you can tell me who you are.

That's all I want to say about that.