Monday, June 1, 2015

A little bit of muscle...

I've lost track of how many days I've been without a woman, but I'm sure it's over 120 now. I think that was what I wrote last time.

Interestingly enough, I am starting to lose the desire to see loose women. Sure, I have been going through my old haunts to see what's there, but that desperate need to find warmth is dormant. At work, I haven't asked anyone out recently and don't have anyone in mind to do so.

Well, there is my Josephine, but I'm going to leave her alone for just a little bit longer.

I feel at peace though. And strong!

And that is thanks to working out and taking things to stop my alarming weight loss. I see now that I have had an image problem to deal with. I'm working through it, though. Also, and more importantly, my sense of harmony is...thanks to the work I've done on the LAX story.

I flexed my muscles and am within two and a half chapters of finishing! I thought I would have four chapters to do in June, but I got down to it. I would have had only two chapters but these damn Windows updates kept my computer busy today (the 31st of May). This month has been very generous to me and I was able to get a great deal done.

I was even able to pin down my surprise ending, which reveals the reader to me. Yes. To me. I am satisfied with it in this draft and will improve upon it in the revision I plan to do. I want to get that done early, since it is the kind of story that requires little in the way of world-building and such. This is straight from my experiences working the ANA ticket counter, so the world around me is fresh.


I read Pride and Prejudice while working on this story to get me in the mood to write the kind of Romance story I wanted to write. Jane Austen has an interesting sense of humor that I appreciated. I wasn't trying to emulate Austen, since my voice is different, but reading her text made me appreciate what had come before.

I also thought back to that really old book called The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman. That is a book! It's hard to believe that it came out in 1759! Laurence Sterne is the author that influenced me most while writing the LAX story because his style is very wild. The humor in that book is dated, but most people who read it today can appreciate the enormous innovations that he made.

For example, there is a page that includes a chapter that is a single sentence long and there are some chapters that are only chapter headings; the author promises to fill these in later. He sometimes gets into arguments with the reader about the text he has written thus far and explains, at length, how these musings are valid. What a playful text!

The premise of the thing sets up the humor: The author wishes to narrate his own life. Well, this, the author acknowledges, becomes an impossible task. Just writing about his birth occupies several volumes that prance around the subject matter.

There is the unreliable narrator, the omniscient narrator, the limited narrator, but Tristram Shandy is the incompetent narrator.


And so, here I am. Tired. We lifted many bags today since the damn luggage belts broke and it was up to the men to get those bags to where they belonged. We were all in good spirits though and the sweaty work made us friendlier.

I should be sleeping since I have to be up early. I want to sleep, but all that exercise gave me energy.

Well, I got this done at least.

This first week of June, I'm finishing a draft of the LAX story.