Friday, June 19, 2015

The first half of June

I don't know how long it's been since I screwed a woman. And I mean that in every sense of the word "screw." I tried to pick up a woman the other night and it didn't work. There was another co-worker I tried dating, but when it came down to business, I got an error message from my man downstairs... My dating life is shot to hell. I can tell you it's thanks to HER.

Josephine! Josephine!

I fear now that my Josephine, whose real name isn't Josephine, is now married or soon will be. It's a tragic turn of events. To tell the truth, though, I'm not sure if she's married or will soon be married. I don't know why I lied just now. There is an air of Asian mysticism about her person I can't seem to breach.

I rarely see her now since she gets off of work before I go in. Sometimes, I imagine what she looks like every day.

I'm laughing now as I think of old Captain Ahab and his Moby Dick. No, don't laugh. It's not how it sounded. They're characters in a book by Herman Melville.

Well, the Ahab character is obsessed with Moby Dick, a legendary white whale. The whale maimed Ahab, see. And... I see this discourse is pointless...

At about noon or so, an elderly man came up to the desk to let us know that, "a car is in the parking lot with its headlights on." When I asked this man to give us a description, he was very vague to the point where making an announcement would have just confused people instead of helping. He described a dark orange or brown car that could have been a toyota or honda and was older. He gave no license plate number or nothing and usually when we make such announcements we have make, model, color, and license plate number to actually help someone.

I didn't feel that was enough to make an announcement so I told one of my female co-workers I was going to the parking lot to see what was going on. I first went to the second level parking lot and searched, but found no cars with headlights on. I did find a car that almost matched the description, but it didn't have its lights on. I then went upstairs to the roof lot and found no cars that matched the description.

I concluded that it was either taken care of or that the person had already left. The patron who told us about it didn't stick around so we could compare notes. I left the matter at that.

The patron came back later and he again told us about a car in the parking lot that had its lights on. He claimed he had seen it a second time and wondered why we had not made an announcement yet. I confronted him with what I had done and told him that no such car was in the library parking lot.

It is then that he admits that the lot he had originally been talking about is the parking lot by the shopping center. But by this point he's upset. He wants us to do an announcement and although he has seen this car twice (supposedly) he can offer no new details about make or model or license plate number.

And when we asked him where it was exactly (since a search of the whole place was out of the question) he said this, "You go outside, take a right and then a left and you keep going. You can't miss it." He said this three times.

Now, by this point, I believed him to be lying. First, he claimed he saw the car twice, but I hadn't seen him exit the building. He's very recognizable. When he came to us both times, he came from within the library. Second, he can offer no further description of the vehicle aside from the vague description he gave us at first; it never occurs to him that someone might need that. Third, when I went out to that same lot during my break, I didn't see anything that suggested someone needed help, like a tow truck or anything. And fourth, with so much time gone by, other people should have noticed a car with its headlights on and would have told us--this very thing has happened a number of times where many people come and report the same thing.

So, instead of giving us more details to help us find the car, he gives me a lecture about what it means to do the decent thing here. He's upset and thinks we blew him off the first time he went there and didn't bother following up on the car. So, it was then that I told him that it wasn't our lot anyway and there's a security guard who roams the grounds and if he noticed it, we would help him (since the guard would have led us to it).

Whether or not there was a car with its headlights on at some point in the day, I don't know. I think we did everything possible to help whoever it was. He could have done more too, like offer to take us to the vehicle since he knew where it was (he wasn't handicapped or anything) or even given us more specific details or even given us a photo.

And naturally, this douche went and complained that we weren't decent enough to make a simple announcement...

June is going well. I'm actually on schedule and a bit ahead. Depending on my progress this coming week, I may be a week ahead.

I finished what I had left of the LAX story within a week and immediately got going on that other project I'm working on. It is currently 42,000 words and my goal is to get it to at least 55,000 words. Ironically, I'm deleting much of it and altering the rest.

I bought my ebook copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on Pottermore. It bugged me that I couldn't just get it through Amazon. But at least I have my own copy now.

It will be more than just a digital book to read. It's a resource, a reference. The storytelling is very solid in that book, part of the reason why I want it.

By the end of July, I shall have a project ready--two actually...

And so, I look towards September to make a move.