Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Almost sad to see it go...

And here we are in January of 2016. I am 40 years old. Last month, my thirties ended. Ha! Almost sad to see them go. Almost... I was as much a prisoner then as in my 20s. At least I was in the army and having fun with friends.

This should be December of 2011. Yet, if I hadn't made the mistakes I made in the last five years, I never would have experienced the things I did, nor met the people I met (including my Josephine). I don't regret a thing...except the, "I'm getting older," thing. That can't be helped though. Mostly.

This was spray painted outside the library I work at...


So, I got rid of the Goodreads account I had under Louis Corsair. It's curious how difficult it is to erase something from the www. I won't be rid of it completely, I don't think. There will be residue.

I also took The Quantum of the Past and all its parts off sale. It had to happen, but now that it's done I'm almost sad to see it go. Almost. As any writer knows, projects don't fail, their parts simply get recycled into newer projects. The same thing will happen to Absolution. Very soon.

It won't happen right away. Not yet. This process takes baby steps, like detox. I thought things would be so sudden, devastating. But that is just part of the fantasy world I built. The here and now requires slow change.

The awkward thing is that Amazon and all the other retailers will keep the postings open so that others who have bought my books can resell them. How that will happen with ebooks is beyond me...



The writing...

It's a struggle to revise and refine the stories I wrote years ago. But in January, the goal is to have them ready, along with the other long project.

On a good day, I can read two of my stories.

I need discipline. That is humorous.

Hey, at least I'm laughing about it.




My new year's resolution is to work on these:

1) Let my imagination create fictions, not fantasies.
2) Write the fiction that challenges my creativity.

3) Let go of the things that truly don't matter.