Friday, July 30, 2021


Today is the last day of the X-Presso book tour of Absolution: Redux. It was the last of the first tours I had planned. I actually made friends during the tours and discovered new avenues of help. 

When it's time for Ascension to go around, I hope I come across the same people. It was a real treat. 

The tour for Absolution: Redux may be over, but there's still a few days left on the raffle.

Here is the link in case you're interested in the prize: Raffle. When there is a winner, I'll play the drum-roll and everything. Boo-yah.

So, what's next?

That's a good question. The pandemic is still going strong. I figure that will give me more time to work. 


A short post this week. A longer one next week.

I'm still working the draft of Apotheosis. It's hot and it's giving me headaches. 

And so it goes!


Monday, July 26, 2021


Another day, another book tour is over.

This time, the tour in question is the one run by Roxanne at Bewitching Book Tours. That was for The Quantum of the Past: Redux. 

There was a raffle there too, for a digital copy of each of the five books I've published in the Elohim Trilogy.

Ah, yes...the winner.

I've contacted the winner already. Congratulations Viki Sloboda. 😸πŸ’₯πŸ‘Your prize is in your email. Check the spam folder just in case.

While generating the coupons at Smashwords, I noticed that the original Absolution has been free this whole time.

It's still $0.99 at Amazon. I don't think Amazon lets you give stuff away unless you're part of their exclusive program. 

I'm not sure if I want to change the price of my first book back to what it was before. I feel kinda bad that anyone would have to pay again for pretty much the same story that's in Absolution: Redux. 

Someone will eventually contact me and tell me that they bought the original back in 2012 and now they want Absolution Redux for free. 

I would have to say, Okay. I would do it just because. As for proof? I know how many copies I've sold and where. πŸ˜…

As for the book tour...

The Bewitching Book Tour was the longest of the bunch. It took almost a whole month. But it was fun seeing my material in other places.

This is my favorite stop from the tour. I Smell Sheep. I might have mentioned this already somewhere else. 

I can't stress how much of a good time I had writing that nonsense. But the joke is always on the reader. I wrote a list of facts that includes a lie. 

That's the punchline! The lie is that there is a fact on that list that is a lie. Ha!


And so we begin the X-Presso Book Tour for Absolution: Redux, run by Giselle, not to be confused with Gazelle. 



Monday, July 19, 2021


Last Friday was the end of the R&R book tour for The Wizards. πŸ˜” It will be missed. We did have a winner for the $50 Amazon gift card. I notified her today.

I notified her today. Congratulations Karley Stafford!  You have some serious luck. There were 1200+ entries. Enjoy the gift card. 

Other than that, it was pleasant to be on tour again. I thank Shannon O. for her great help. The book, The Wizards, is still available on Netgalley, I believe. But don't quote me on that. Actually, I see that it's been archived. #TheWizards

What's next? 

Well, this is the last week for The Quantum of the Past Redux book tour arranged by Roxanne at Bewitching book tours. 

That also has a raffle, but it's not for an Amazon gift card. Sorry. For that raffle, you only get an ebook copy of all the books I have published in the Elohim Trilogy (so far). 

That book tour ends the 26th of this month. 

Then, after that, we move to the beginning: The Absolution: Redux book tour. Giselle at X-Presso book tours is arranging that one. 

That also has a giveaway: An ebook set of all the books I have published so far in the Elohim Trilogy. 


The heat here has been giving me headaches. I've been working on Apotheosis, chipping away at the manuscript to make it readable. There's some back and forth going on too. The Wizards Collide precedes it, so I'm constantly looking at details in both manuscripts. 

And it's hot. 

And the computer gets hot. 


Tragically, they got rid of that one emoji that is red and sweaty. They left the angry one that looks similar, but it's just not what I'm looking for... sigh...

Despite the heat, I am happy whenever I get to work on my little stories. Believe it or not.