Saturday, October 18, 2014

Knuckle brawl!

The revolving door of the airport...everyone leaves through it. And I don't mean just passengers. The turnaround rate for employees there is much higher than other places. So, that makes finding friends a little difficult. Despite this, I'm losing friends.


Okay, that first part was from a different post about everyone leaving. Everyone left. Moving on. The battle to finish Ascension this month is heating up. Yesterday, I sat in one place until I finished the chapter. I'm close to the end now and this really should be the easiest and funnest part of the novel: The climax. I like the fast action and revelations of this portion of any book. Writing it is no different.

Other things are pulling at me though. First, I am infatuated with someone from work and that is taking up an enormous amount of brain power. The real problem is that I am working on Tommy and Me, the short story that takes place in that airport. Well, it's not a short story anymore... There is so much material that it couldn't possibly be a short story and I don't want to produce a novella nor any in-betweener. If it's going to be long, then it may as well be a novel.

But Tommy and Me is about romance in that work place, a premise inspired by a true life story I heard at LAX about two people who met there and fell in love. All of that romance thinking has me all messed up.

And the dark, adventurous plot of Ascension is fighting the comical and romantic musings in Tommy and Me.

Grrrr! To finish Ascension I have to watch dark things and listen to darker music. Thanks True Detective and Stabbing Westward.


Monday, September 22, 2014

Looking back at August...

I don't remember August being this hot...

But it likely was. I forget many things now, like writing new posts for this blog. It's not a priority right now. I would honestly spend that time writing. And there's the other thing...

I'm slowly, but surely, getting a nagging monkey off my back. By the end of next month, at latest, I will be rid of it. This has nothing to do with my work, but it is taking a toll on it.

And, I think that next month I will be done with the draft of Ascension. This is an estimate based on what's left to do and my current weekly progress. So, I peeked forward into November and December and saw "The Wizard of Santa Monica" and "Tommy and Me."

This last week in September, "Tommy and Me" threatened to overshadow my other projects; for a while I contemplated turning it into a novel too. It has become a sort of quest, much like "The Wizard of Santa Monica." Together, they are two of the most difficult fictions I've come up with. But I think I finally got it this time.

And I think that will round me out for the year.


Ah, August. I won't be done with the actual writing of Ascension until the end of October, but it was in August that I went over the middle hump and worked out the last of the issues of the novel's story.

It's funny the way the writing turned out. I was sure that I would finish a draft of Ascension about a year ago, and a year ago I was sure I would have a draft finished in 2012. I page through my notes constantly and wonder at how different a novel it might have been if I had completed it during either of those two years.

But, enough musings about that...

I also had time to commission promotional artwork for the book. Here is one of the "bad guys" the dead detective will have to face:

Displaying lamuerte.jpg

The artwork is by Celairen, who is also doing a few more pieces for Ascension.


Monday, July 28, 2014

Knock on metal...

Displaying absolution_ebook.jpg

I have been working on my novels. It just doesn't show...


The other day I got an email at work about the upcoming Local Author's Fair at the Palos Verdes Library. It stunned me because at the end of the last one, back in September of 2013, I swore I would have The Wizards and Ascension complete! As it is, I'm going to be about halfway through Ascension by the end of this month (knock on metal). And I've yet to knock out The Wizard of Santa Monica, the last Wizard story.

This month I did some free form on an imaginary project with no real plot, just mostly world building. I might have mentioned this earlier, if so just ignore me (as you usually do). But there is a sense of freedom to it. Free form is without structure. The project, even if imaginary can go in any direction.

At the same time, I've been going back and forth between what I have so far in Ascension and what's already in Absolution. I'm thankful that I read the Mistborn trilogy, as it did give me "tips" on how to approach certain material, particularly the world-building exposition. Many thanks to Mr. Sanderson.

Reading the third book in his trilogy made me wonder how understandable other books in similar trilogies are to someone who hasn't read the first book. To see how understandable they are, I will read the third book of a Fantasy trilogy without the benefit of the first book.

Aside from that, it looks like July has come and gone. I'm about halfway done with the manuscript, though to be honest, I expected the halfway point to come at 40,000 words for a total of 80,000 words (a good rough draft length). 45,000-ish words is a bit lengthy. That will put the final draft at about 100G.

But, I think I've bored myself enough with this post. It's time to get back to work and get to the halfway mark...

Knock on metal.


PS: Artwork by Ravven Kitsune 2014, all rights reserved.