Saturday, April 6, 2013


The graphic artist in me has been busy lately. Family crests and maps and cover art elements, that's what's been going on. I'm making some strides on the appendices. Though the maps I'm working on are hindering my work more than helping. Every time I map out a region, the story has to shift to the geography and what is possible in that geography. Yes, that sounds silly since I'm inventing the place, but I'm taking maps of actual places and rendering them into a fantasy land.

I finished dramatizing the Interlude of vol 2 of The Quantum of the Past. And I added a mini-play in volume 3, which will take the place of a chapter I removed during the first revision. I took a rock and aimed it at Shakespeare. Maybe I hit his head. I'm happy this past week went the way it did. It was the culmination of seeing many plays and reading books with play elements in them (though this was a rare thing).

I wish I would have gotten more rest during this break to clear my head. There are some tough decisions I have to make before the end of this year. It would have been nice to just sit back and think. At least in a month and a half I will be done with this semester. The grades won't be pretty, but it will be over. That's really what I want now, for it to end. At least it's not so cold now.

Here are some samples:

And just for the hell of it, in the Chasing the Coyote page I added a little bit from an action sequence in the second volume of Quantum.