About Me

Who I am 

"What a man can be, he must be."

He must be. No choice. He must...

My writing philosophy

What I want is to understand fiction, not just write it. I'm usually confused about many things, but I don't want fiction to be one of them. I want to have more than a surface understanding of the subject (which is fine for practical purposes). 

My goal is to understand fiction as thoroughly as I can possibly understand it, given my mental faculties and circumstances. This way, in the far future I can say that although I didn't understand many things about the world, I at least knew fiction well.

Like many authors, I follow a code. These ensure that I remain a balanced writer:
  1. Let your imagination create fictions, not fantasies.
  2. Write the stories that challenge your creativity.
  3. Never buy into your own hype.
  4. Let honesty be your watchword.
*These four statements remind me that what I do is put words on paper, no more, no less. Regardless of how I and others view what I do, the act does not change.