Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A pox on Target!

A pox on Target stores! A pox on them for forcing me to change my password and debit card!


Now that I got that out of my system, I wanted to look at my Wizard progress so far. I'm almost done with The Wizard of Hollywood, which is the second-to-last story in the collection. After some major re-booting on that story, I was finally able to get into it.

Art by Celairen 2014.

With all the creative energy I spent trying to make the Hollywood wizard work, I also had a story creep up on me, The Wizard of Long Beach. Another wizard! But the additional story is very down to earth, in a funny way. I wouldn't have added it if it wasn't so original (I don't think I've ever come across a photographer wizard).

And after that is the mammoth The Wizard of Santa Monica, which is the size of a novella (so far) and will grow before I'm finished with it. I may also just simplify the story and be done with it.


Friday, January 17, 2014

The Ides of January...

With the Chinese New Year going on, the airport is a busy place. Mobs of people are literally waiting in long lines to get into other long lines. Often, you have to listen to anger and frustration thrown at you about the long lines, along with the occasional remark about our security measures, and curiosity about the construction going on right now. And yes, we tend to get equally frustrated at the passengers, our staff, and the TSA. Most of us are cordial though. And by the way, the flu season is in full swing. Every time I see a person coming towards me with a mask on their face I wonder how great I'm going to feel in the morning.

Some of my co-workers use gloves for just that reason. Sadly, viral agents like influenza are airborne.

It's great working in the airport.

Contrast that with working in the library. This is a community place, so it is not as quiet as most of us have come to understand libraries to be. I interact with people here as much as I do at the airport. There are no mobs. And when there is anger and frustration, it has more to do with material we ought to have or library fines that patrons feel are mistakes. Or in the afternoon, when the high school lets out, the hordes of kids and tutors or would-be-tutors get angry and frustrated that we don't have enough private study rooms for them to use. We get as frustrated at them, at ourselves, and the universe. And of course, the flu season is in full swing, apparent by the number of young children and adults who are sneezing before they get to my station. Every time I touch a book given to me by a sick patron I wonder how great I'm going to feel in the morning.

Some of my co-workers use hand-sanitizer religiously after each encounter. Unfortunately, there is no nose-sanitizer.

It's great working in the library.


Aside from going to sleep at odd hours, I have no real complaint about my two jobs. Many people are struggling to find one. Besides that, I see so many things each time I complete a shift that the experiences are worth the time.

I know what you're thinking; the above paragraphs sound like complaints. They are an exercise in tone. The tone is very bleak and somewhat cynical/sarcastic; the line, "It's great working in the..." hints at sarcasm.

How I wished to portray the events I've observed would be dictated by how I felt about them, which in turn would dictate the tone of the narration. It is a magnificent web of interconnections that the writer can manipulate with word-strategies.

But, of course, you noticed that what I described above is not fiction... The little emotional fictions that are our emotional responses to our day fuel the larger fictions writers produce.

I'm currently stuck in the depths of the novel called The Night Circus. I think I have been reading it for months. The chapters are very short so that it feels like I'm reading a great deal per reading period, but in the end it's mostly like ten pages. The story is interesting enough where I don't want to quit (but there is junk, so I don't want to keep reading it for long periods at a time).

Aside from that, I'm settling into a pattern of writing that is working well. And with a new writing instrument, I managed to finish another Wizard story.

Two more to go!


Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 Lists

I will be ringing in the New Year at the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX. I think that's the first time I've worked during that holiday since I was in the army.

The odd schedule reflects the change of having two jobs. I'm usually up until 12:30 AM at the airport and work during the day three times a week at the library. Some days are longer than others. Believe it or not, this is not such a difficult schedule.


I wrote the above right before the 31st of December. Today it is the 4th of January of a new year. I'm taking careful note of where I'm starting and with what in order to better record my progress in another twelve months or so.

In 2013:

  1. I revised the manuscript of one novel: The Quantum of the Past: A Fantasy.
  2. I published three volumes of that novel. 
  3. I wrote several short stories, some fantasy, some literary.
  4. I didn't revise most of those short stories and only gave the rest a brief revision.
  5. I was able to combine all three volumes of Quantum into one novel published through Createspace.
  6. I was unable to produce a digital copy (still working on it) of Quantum.

As you can see, 2013 was an unproductive year. Part of the reason it was so unproductive was that I moved around a great deal. Also, the school year was very punishing because, quite frankly, I was tired of school and should have finished a long, long time ago.

Change is something that I dislike when it comes too quickly. This year, however, change has to come in very fast waves. That is the theme of this year: Change / growth / ascension.

And, yes, I have to write Ascension this year and publish it.

For 2014:

  1. I would like to finish and publish The Wizards.
  2. I would like to finish and publish Ascension.
  3. I would like to draft The Phantasms of the Present.
  4. I would like to draft The Sprite II.
  5. I would like to do more than Self-publish.

These are not resolutions. I've amused myself with resolutions in the past and hardly accomplished any of them. This is just a list of things, wishes, like a Christmas list. If I'm really good, I may just get many of the items on this list. I have other lists too, of things that I must have this year, of old things to take care of.

In all, this looks to be a very interesting year. With two incomes, my financial woes are coming under control slowly and I can focus more on writing. Ah, yes, writing.

I wrote a little today.

It was good.