Monday, July 28, 2014

Knock on metal...

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I have been working on my novels. It just doesn't show...


The other day I got an email at work about the upcoming Local Author's Fair at the Palos Verdes Library. It stunned me because at the end of the last one, back in September of 2013, I swore I would have The Wizards and Ascension complete! As it is, I'm going to be about halfway through Ascension by the end of this month (knock on metal). And I've yet to knock out The Wizard of Santa Monica, the last Wizard story.

This month I did some free form on an imaginary project with no real plot, just mostly world building. I might have mentioned this earlier, if so just ignore me (as you usually do). But there is a sense of freedom to it. Free form is without structure. The project, even if imaginary can go in any direction.

At the same time, I've been going back and forth between what I have so far in Ascension and what's already in Absolution. I'm thankful that I read the Mistborn trilogy, as it did give me "tips" on how to approach certain material, particularly the world-building exposition. Many thanks to Mr. Sanderson.

Reading the third book in his trilogy made me wonder how understandable other books in similar trilogies are to someone who hasn't read the first book. To see how understandable they are, I will read the third book of a Fantasy trilogy without the benefit of the first book.

Aside from that, it looks like July has come and gone. I'm about halfway done with the manuscript, though to be honest, I expected the halfway point to come at 40,000 words for a total of 80,000 words (a good rough draft length). 45,000-ish words is a bit lengthy. That will put the final draft at about 100G.

But, I think I've bored myself enough with this post. It's time to get back to work and get to the halfway mark...

Knock on metal.


PS: Artwork by Ravven Kitsune 2014, all rights reserved.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Summer is here! There is a drought in California! We're all going to drown in dust!


My June goals were apparently too ambitious and I didn't meet them. Boohoo. I'm still very chipper since I got two monkeys off my back that had been there since last year. And, I did add about 10,000 words to the manuscript, while pursuing a nice plot element in the story.

July already feels more carefree. I bought a fan today that will keep me from melting during the following weeks and into August. With that, I think getting Ascension done will be easier. Also, not having to worry so much will help a ton more.

Thursday will be the first writing day for this month. The goal for that day is to un-fu*$% the mess I made in the manuscript during July. After that, it's a simple matter of following the outline.

During June, however, I made efforts to free up my creativity with writing exercises. I gripped an idea and delved into it. For me, that usually means world-building for a completely different project, something that has no relation to anything I'm working on. Part of the advantage of that is that my conscious mind takes up the exercise while my subconscious mind works on current projects. That went well and I developed ideas I might pursue in the future.

Some July goals:

  1. Read five more books.
  2. Continue to chip away the plot problems with the Ascension manuscript.
  3. Add 15,000 words to the Ascension manuscript in addition to the 10,000 words I failed to write last month.
  4. Focus on "Tommy and Me."

My goals for this month center on Ascension. I'm ready to finish it.


My reading has taken center stage. I think it's because in previous years (and for a long, long time) I've focused on reading things for school. With school gone, I can go back to reading for recreation. Add my new found love of audiobooks and the sum is I'm recreating a lot, two books at a time. This isn't a negative thing since reading helps me get in touch with stories from a different angle.

I finished Brandon Sanderson's The Well of Ascension. Damn, that man can twist up a plot. Nearing the end, I thought the novel would suffer from a too-long resolution, but that was when Sanderson twisted the knife and left me bleeding. I bought the last part of the Mistborn trilogy today and will start on it ASAP.

I'm also in the middle of an audiobook version of Pullman's The Golden Compass, which is from the point of view of a child. The story is well-crafted, if not a bit excessive with its plot points (there are recognizable layers of plot that cover the entire series and just the novel itself). I'm enjoying it well enough and will seek out the second chapter in the trilogy.

And now, I'm done.