Monday, September 22, 2014

Looking back at August...

I don't remember August being this hot...

But it likely was. I forget many things now, like writing new posts for this blog. It's not a priority right now. I would honestly spend that time writing. And there's the other thing...

I'm slowly, but surely, getting a nagging monkey off my back. By the end of next month, at latest, I will be rid of it. This has nothing to do with my work, but it is taking a toll on it.

And, I think that next month I will be done with the draft of Ascension. This is an estimate based on what's left to do and my current weekly progress. So, I peeked forward into November and December and saw "The Wizard of Santa Monica" and "Tommy and Me."

This last week in September, "Tommy and Me" threatened to overshadow my other projects; for a while I contemplated turning it into a novel too. It has become a sort of quest, much like "The Wizard of Santa Monica." Together, they are two of the most difficult fictions I've come up with. But I think I finally got it this time.

And I think that will round me out for the year.


Ah, August. I won't be done with the actual writing of Ascension until the end of October, but it was in August that I went over the middle hump and worked out the last of the issues of the novel's story.

It's funny the way the writing turned out. I was sure that I would finish a draft of Ascension about a year ago, and a year ago I was sure I would have a draft finished in 2012. I page through my notes constantly and wonder at how different a novel it might have been if I had completed it during either of those two years.

But, enough musings about that...

I also had time to commission promotional artwork for the book. Here is one of the "bad guys" the dead detective will have to face:

Displaying lamuerte.jpg

The artwork is by Celairen, who is also doing a few more pieces for Ascension.